Healthy Hormones Program

Dr. Mariem, ND is a Certified Hormone Balance Expert (Institute of Hormonal Health, IHH, Oakville, Ontario). Mariem gained extensive experience in Hormonal Imbalances treatments while working at The Institute Of Hormonal Health, with Dr. Kristy Prouse, MD where she saw her patients. 

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Naturopathic Skin Program

Healthy, glowing, vibrant skin starts from the inside out

Dr. Mariem, ND will help you find the root cause of your skin concerns and will provide you with a holistic skin care plan that encompasses both internal and external treatments.  Healthy, glowing, vibrant skin starts from the inside out. Dr. Idrissi uses natural skin therapies such as  Facial lifting Acupuncture, Elapromed-specific facial treatment, natural peeling, Elapsa skin care products, and laser therapy.

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Healthy Metabolism Program

weight loss program

Dr. Mariem, ND uses Healthy metabolism program in her Weight Loss program. Healthy metabolism is an individual nutritional program. It determines for each person the optimal nutrition based on his personal Hormonal system, Metabolism and Genetics. 

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Smoking Cessation Program

Dr. Mariem, ND uses a combination of Laser Acupuncture, Classical Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine to treat addiction to Tobacco and Alcohol.

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