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Introducing light SPEED HEALING with Thearalase non-thermal THERAPEUTIC LASER

There are two general types of medical lasers: heat-generating lasers which cut through tissue and damage tissue and non-thermal lasers such as Theralase, which stimulates tissue repair, reduces inflammation and eliminates pain.

Theralase lasers are class 3B lasers that are used specifically for tissue stimulation and are not strong enough to damage cells. Unlike class 4 lasers, Theralase lasers produce no heat and do not cut tissue.

Theralase laser therapy is safe, effective, and painless, with results that are often immediate with no side effects. Efficacy rates in excess of 90 % are routinely achieved.

Treatment time will vary from as little as 2 minutes to as long as 20 minutes per session, depending on the condition treated and its severity. Your healthcare practitioner will advise how many treatments you need. Many patients see excellent results after just a few treatments.